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Unleashing the Power of Seamless Communication: 4Players ODIN SDK v1.8.2 for Unreal Engine
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Unleashing the Power of Seamless Communication: 4Players ODIN SDK v1.8.2 for Unreal Engine

Written by Sven Paulsen
22 Jan 2024

The world of real-time communication in gaming and digital applications is constantly evolving, and staying ahead of these changes is crucial for developers. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce the release of version 1.8.2 of our ODIN Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unreal Engine, packed with enhancements that promise to elevate your development experience.

What’s New in v1.8.2?

  • Improved Plugin Compatibility: In our ongoing effort to ensure smooth integration with a wide range of Unreal Engine projects, we’ve renamed the odin.h core SDK header file. This change addresses and prevents naming conflicts with other plugins, ensuring a more streamlined development process.

  • Crucial Bug Fix: We’ve addressed a significant bug related to the BytesToString and StringToBytes functions in Unreal Engine, which previously disrupted the peer/room user data byte array format. This fix is based on detailed community feedback (see the forum post for more details). Our commitment to community-driven improvements continues to shape the ODIN SDK, making it more robust and developer-friendly.

Looking Back: v1.8.1 Enhancements

While we didn’t announce it separately, version 1.8.1 also brought a subtle yet impactful change:

  • Streamlined Codebase: We removed the unused ConstructJsonValue function. This refinement aligns with our philosophy of lean and efficient code, ensuring that every element of the ODIN SDK is essential and purpose-driven.

Why Choose 4Players ODIN SDK for Unreal Engine?

Our SDK stands at the forefront of real-time communication solutions, offering unparalleled voice communication integration into your digital applications. Whether you’re working on a gaming project, an educational platform, or a VR/AR application, the ODIN SDK empowers you with:

  • Cutting-edge technology for superior communication experiences.
  • Cross-platform compatibility, from desktop to mobile.
  • A focus on privacy and security, respecting user data.
  • Scalability to meet the needs of any project size.
  • Comprehensive documentation and support for effortless implementation.

Embark on Your Next Project with Confidence

We’re committed to providing developers with the tools they need to create immersive, interactive, and connected experiences. The release of ODIN SDK v1.8.2 for Unreal Engine is a testament to this commitment, reflecting our dedication to continuous improvement and responsiveness to community feedback.

Stay ahead in the dynamic world of application development with 4Players ODIN SDK. Download version 1.8.2 today, and experience the difference in your Unreal Engine projects.