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ODIN Unity SDK Is Available
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ODIN Unity SDK Is Available

Written by Sven Paulsen
08 Jul 2022

A few days after launching our Core SDK to production, we also launch version 1.0 of our Unity SDK. Its battle-tested, stable and super easy to integrate into new or existing games.

In contrast to relying on external apps, integrating comms right into the game allows creating unique, ultra-realistic and immersive gaming experiences. Using features like spatial audio and custom filters, there are no limits to creativity. Plus, there is absolutely no interference with existing technology you might use.

We have guides for adding it to Photon based games or games built with Mirror Networking.

Download our Unity SDK today and give it a shot! You’ll not regret it.

4Players ODIN

Here’s a full list of changes and improvements:


  • Core SDK has been updated to version 1.0.0 (details)
  • Native bindings where updated to reflect the latest SDK changes
  • Internal media IDs were removed from the API in favor of media stream handles
  • Overall audio quality and performance has been improved dramatically

API Changes

  • Added Room.UpdateRoomUserData
  • Updated functions to use IUserData interface more effectively
  • Renamed Room.UpdateUserData to Room.UpdatePeerUserData
  • Renamed ApmConfig option OdinNoiseSuppressionLevel to NoiseSuppressionLevel for sake of consistency
  • Replaced MediaId with MediaStreamId in OnMediaAdded, OnMediaRemoved and OnMediaActiveStateChanged event arguments
  • Added OnConnectionStateChanged event

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