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ODIN Version 1.1.1 is Available
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ODIN Version 1.1.1 is Available

Written by Sven Paulsen
27 Sep 2022

Happy release Tuesday! 🎉

The 4Players ODIN development team is please to announce the immediate availability of ODIN version 1.1.1. This release focuses on addressing your feedback as well as bug reports and feature requests.

You can see the full changelog for more details:


New Features

  • Added gain controller to bring the input audio signal to an appropriate range when it’s either too loud or too quiet

API Changes

  • Added gain_controller boolean to OdinApmConfig struct
  • Updated odin_error_format to make error messages more specific
  • Updated odin_room_update_user_data to return an error when trying to set user data of the room while not being connected

Bugfixes / Improvements

  • Fixed a bug where peer user data was not set after re-connecting to a room
  • Fixed a bug where peer position was not set correctly before joining a room
  • Fixed an issue where iOS clients were unable to access local root certificates