#gamification on 4Players.de – a case study

#gamification on 4Players.de – a case study

Always eager to give their loyal user base more features and incentive to stay on their website 4Players.de, the editorial team doesn’t rely on their high quality content alone, but also #gamification elements. I.e. to enhance interaction, in 2009 the site employed an achievement system inspired by the systems that were used e.g. on the Xbox 360 or a little later on PlayStation 3, PC (Steam) as well as on current consoles.

Depending on their activity on the website the users would get rewards for reading news or reviews, interacting with the editorial team, posting in the forums (with special hand-picked rewards for the best as well as worst forum post) and much more.

Administrative effort was very high. After the initial hardcoded integration and connection to the user database, definition of thresholds and intervals, in which achievements and rewards like special badges (that the users can attach to their profile on the website) will be granted, adding new content was very difficult, time consuming and almost always prone to system errors.

Nonetheless this achievement system was maintained and kept active for years to come enhancing the readers’ experience on the website – although new and especially meaningful achievements were not only harder and harder to find, but also to implement. Eventually the system became dormant around 2016.

Fast-forward five years and the re-introduction of achievements on 4Players.de just went into its public beta stage. Powered by the proprietary system SCILL Gamification as a Service (GaaS) by 4Players with its modular and simple approach, implementation is not only much easier, but also much faster. While the setup, planning and integration took quite a few months back in the days, now it took considerably less time and effort to give the users an experience that is not only easier to maintain but also much easier to enhance with new achievements and more options to interact.

While in 2009 and the following years the development was heavily involved in basically every step of the achievement way’, nowadays only a few lines of code need to be added to the source code initially in order to connect the website to the SCILL backend system. And, naturally, everything is GDPR-compliant. The result: development can focus on their next tasks, while it is up to the editorial team to add new achievement content via the easy-to-use SCILL Admin Panel. Thus, the focus stays on the user experience and the #gamification elements reacting in real-time, surprising the readers as well as rewarding them and enticing them to interact with the content in new or different ways. And that in return means enhanced community engagement plus higher retention and as a side effect more page and thus ad impressions.

Gamify your website with SCILL

Gamify your website with SCILL

Boost interaction, impressions, ad views and registrations

SCILL helps you to increase page and ad impressions, retain visitors longer and convert them into loyal readers. The key to success is called Gamification! 

Humans have an innate need to learn, improve their skills and compete with others. SCILL Gamification helps you to address these needs, increasing motivation, interaction, retention and  monetization of your content and users – in a playful way!

The extra power-layer for your website

SCILL can be integrated seamlessly into your website, without the need of sensitive data.

Backend: Integrate the SCILL SDK, define event triggers to fit your requirements and goals.

Frontend: Decide where and how you want to integrate gamification in your website. SCILL offers easy to integrate web components to get started. Copy & Paste the code and tweak the appearance to fit your brand.

Ready, Stead, Challenge!

Create challenges like “Login every day for 7 days”, use them independently or as a part of task-system like a Battle Pass and reward your users with XP, coins, badges or whatever comes to your mind. Or even create user leaderboards to rank them by XP, to make sure they are incentivized to make purchases, use your content and interact with your app or website. 

Here are some challenge examples:

  • Login in
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Make a purchase
  • Become a premium member
  • Come back 3 times a week
  • Participate in use survey
  • Leave a comment
  • Rate a product
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Find an item / picture
  • Read 10 news

Possibilities are endless and can be as unique as your content. With SCILL you finally can setup user events and engaging content in minutes – no worries if you forgot your company anniversary, Black Friday deals or other occasions you want to celebrate with.

To find out more about website gamification with SCILL, check out our product website.

Start challenge your users and engage with them in a fun way – fast and easy!

4Players – We Are Gaming

4Players – We Are Gaming

It is hard to believe: 4Players just celebrated its 20th anniversary!

A lot happened since its inception in 2000 by four enthusiastic gamers and programmers. We accompanied and shaped gaming on its way into the middle of society. Always at the pulse of time. Across five hardware generations and 15 console launches.

From day 1 we focused on digital content, while most print publishing houses frowned upon us and smiled at us, the naive idealists. 4Players.de is one of the longest running and internationally renowned online magazines for computer and video games in the GSA area.

We acknowledged early that the need for gaming services doesn’t end with the purchase of the game. 4Players was one of the first companies in Germany and Europe that offered game and communication servers. Exclusive partnerships with, among others, Electronic Arts (Battlefield franchise), Activision (Call of Duty 4) or TeamSpeak (official server partner) prove, that 4Players has found its place in the gaming cosmos with its growth potential.

The market is constantly changing. We are changing with it. And we are a relevant influence on it. No matter what the gaming needs are – 4Players has a solution. For gamers, who relish honest opinions. For publishers for whom only the most reliable servers are good enough. For developers, who are banking on innovative community-, retention- or monetization-tools.

The future is in flow, and we will make an important contribution. 20 years of experience, boisterous enthusiasm and creativity are the foundation, on which we will reach our ambitious goals together with the Marquard Group. We will not only accompany, we will shape: How games are developed and how they are consumed. Because we are gaming.

Once again we are pioneers: Our „Gamification as a Service“ project SCILL offers unequalled opportunities. Students will have fun whilst learning. Our products will see to it that we as a society will move more and eat healthier. Games will offer more fun with our solutions. We have a prosperous future ahead of us and couldn’t imagine a better home than the Marquard Group.

Phillip Schuster
CEO 4Players GmbH

SCILL Play co-operates with Wargaming

SCILL Play co-operates with Wargaming

Cast off, full steam ahead and fire away: 4Players’ innovative engagement platform supports World of Warships from Wargaming

Hamburg, Germany – 27.04.2020 – 4Players GmbH announces its co-operation with Wargaming, one of the market leaders for free-to-play MMOs, to support the dynamic battles of World of Warships with the challenge and engagement app SCILL Play. Starting in May, fans of the popular naval battles can look forward to new custom challenges for all experience levels as well as exclusive rewards. The exact date will be announced shortly.

„Our main value lies in our community. Our players continue to play World of Warships and enjoy rich content and new features we’re preparing on a regular basis. Therefore, we are happy to partner with SCILL Play and offer our players even more reasons to log in and play their favorite game by keeping them engaged with other players and awarding their achievements.”, said Rajeev Girdhar, Regional Publishing Director for World of Warships.

Marc Berekoven, Head of Business Development at 4Players GmbH and Project Manager SCILL Play, adds: “We are thrilled that we found another partner for our SCILL platform in Wargaming. With SCILL Play we can continuously offer new challenges to the enthusiastic players, which perfectly complement the already existing features in World of Warships. By working closely with the developers to create the challenges and exclusive rewards, we can ensure that the high quality of World of Warships is carried forward into SCILL Play challenges, that are easy to create with minimal development effort.“

SCILL Play is an app for mobile devices and browser that allows players to set individual ability-based goals and accept solo or group challenges. Every gamer, whether beginner or professional, can find new tasks regardless of the developer’s specifications and can, for example, collect rewards even in the event of defeat, which then can be redeemed in SCILL Play’s internal shop. With SCILL Battle Passes (coming soon), players will face a series of challenges and can unlock further exclusive content and rewards.

With fresh and constantly updated challenges, a cross-game experience point/ranking system, alliance and guild tools, as well as special rewards that may only be available temporarily or in individual games, SCILL Play encourages gamers to engage even more deeply with their favorite games.

For more information about SCILL Play, please visit the official website: https://www.scillplay.com



MCV UK – Regional Spotlight Hamburg

MCV UK – Regional Spotlight Hamburg

Hamburg isn’t necessarily the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about the German games industry. And yet. Maybe it should.

The northern Germany city is home to over 200 games businesses and a breeding ground for creativity and growth in the industry.

Some of the biggest German games companies have chosen Hamburg as their base of operations including Bigpoint, Daedalic, Fishlabs, InnoGames, and many many more, with free-to-play and browser games historically being the city’s forte.

Michael Zillmer, COO at InnoGames
Michael Zillmer, chief operating officer at InnoGames, tells us a bit more about what led the now development giant to Hamburg.

“What first attracted us were the opportunities and resources available for a growing company,” he says. “What is now InnoGames began as a hobby in 2003 in the suburbs of Hamburg, in a place called Stade.

“With the success of the first game, Tribal Wars, we decided to work full time on the development of the title and in 2007 InnoGames was founded. As the company grew and became more successful, we needed to move to a larger location that would help us attract international talent. In 2008, we moved to Hamburg and then into our current office in 2016. Hamburg has a strong reputation in the games industry and offers an extensive network with many other companies in the games and digital industries located here.”

Leading games publication 4Players, launched in 2000 and which also owns player engagement platform Scill and server provider 4Netplayers, ended up in Hamburg a bit coincidentally but has not looked back since.

CEO Phillip Schuster says: “The decision to move from Munich to Hamburg was made around 13 years ago. Originally, we were brought in to be closer to our former parent company, but since then we found love for the Hamburg way of life and being part of an active video games industry.”

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