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Provide the best online gaming experience with our scalable voice & video streaming technology across all platforms.



We love gaming. We are gamers. We know that real-time communication is essential for a fun, immersive gaming experience. This is why we create powerful tools for integrated voice & video chat that make games more immersive, social and interactive.

With ODIN, 4Players provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution that has been designed and built from the ground up for gamers, developers and publishers: flexible, feature-rich and cross-platform.

Reduce development time by leveraging our best-in-class technology to deliver seamless in-game communication and improve your retention.


Register your personal 4Players-Account and download the ready-to-use SDK for your platform – covering PC, console and mobile!


By using our innovative toolkit, you will hit the road running and have your first integration ready in no time. 


Launch your perfectly tailored voice and video chat and let your community enjoy your new features without any performance issues.

Seamless Integration.
Made Simple.

No hussle. No interruptions. ODIN can be integrated seamlessly into your game or app, giving you total control over the fully customizable user interface. And your players will be grateful for the simple and intuitive way they can communicate without the need to deal with third-party-apps that interrupt their gameplay-experience.

Immersive Gaming.
No Limits.

We took great precautions and a lot of development time to make sure you can focus on what matters most: Your game design and features. ODIN ties directly into the game engine of your choice, there is absolutely no interference with existing tech you might use. Plus: With native support for spatial audio and 3D sound, there is no limit to your creativity.

Connecting Players.

ODIN knows no boundaries or limitations. The software is available for all major game engines on desktop, mobile and console platforms. With the included support for cross-play enabled titles, it is a perfect fit for your app or game, no matter what distribution channel, from indie gem to AAA-blockbuster. With ODIN your players stay connected. Anywhere. Anytime. 

Different Platforms.

Same Code.

Equal Performance.



Blazing Fast

No lag, no interruptions. Just crystal-clear communication with ultra-low latency.


Easy to Use

It can’t get easier than this: The implementation of ODIN into any existing project is simple and fast.


Fully Integrated

A unified user experience: Our tools are seamlessly integrated into any app or game



How many users are you expecting? 10? 10.000? 100.000? Our software knows no limit.


Built-in Privacy

Your users care about privacy? So do we: ODIN is fully GDPR-compliant.



Our software runs on highly optimized servers and is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year. There’s no downtime!



We make sure that your data stays with you. If needed, you can even set up your own server.



Whatever you need: Thanks to its open structure, ODIN is fully customizable.

Cloud or On-Site Hosting.

Choose between a managed cloud and a self-hosted solution. We are glad to take care of the setup, administration and bandwidth costs. Alternatively you run our server software on your own infrastructure, giving you complete control and customization of your deployment environment. The choice is yours.

Join our limited number of available slots to integrate ODIN before anybody else. Enjoy the powerful toolset and a direct line to our development team. In addition, we offer the full toolset for free for a whole year! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which development platforms are supported and how can I use this?

4Players ODIN is shipped as a set of pre-compiled binaries as well as C-style header files and documentation, which makes it easy to use in any development project on any platform. We also provide packages with ready-to-use examples for Unity and Unreal Engine.

Which target platforms and architectures are supported?

We ship native dynamic libraries and/or frameworks for Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS. Additionally, full native support for current and next-gen gaming consoles is planned for the end of 2021.

How long does it take to integrate 4Players ODIN?

The actual integration time will vary based on the feature set you want to utilize, but ODIN has been developed with simplicity in mind and integration will be fast. We’ve had some initial feedback from our early bird partners, who had the first implementation running in less than one hour.

How does ODIN affect the performance of my game?

4Players ODIN is highly optimized, and we made sure, that you can allocate all the resources you need to your game.

What chat types are supported?

While our primary focus is voice and video chat, we’ve designed a very flexible and customizable communication protocol, which allows you to send arbitrary data to other clients in the same room. So implementing a text chat and other use-cases with 4Players ODIN is very easy too.

How can I protect my users against toxicity?

4Players ODIN includes an easy-to-use privilege system, where certain users are allowed to remove others from a room or revoke their permission to speak. Additionally, we’re evaluating options to integrate technologies to help you catch inappropriate content and identify bad actors such as abusers and bullies. We will provide a set of best practice examples to make this as easy as possible to you.

How much does ODIN cost?

During the current beta test, ODIN integration is free for selected partners. Support us now and enjoy voice and video chat for your game for free!

ODIN’s future pricing model will be fair and affordable. The flexible pricing will provide the best options depending on your user base.

Why should I choose 4Players ODIN over other chat solutions?

We provide an affordable and feature-rich solution for any platform you’ll ever need. Our dedicated development team has years of experience developing communication software for gamers, and we’ll help you tailor exactly the immersive in-game experience that your players want.

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Looking for Quality Hosting Services?

Whatever your server-needs, we are here to help you. Our renowned hosting-service 4Netplayers with its reliable game- and communication servers operates worldwide.