4Players will be focusing on its core-businesses like software-solutions and worldwide server hosting, thus completing the multi-year transformation process “EMPOWERING GAME EXPERIENCES” from a digital media company to a provider of high-tech solutions for the gaming industry

Hamburg, Germany, August 23, 2021 – 4Players GmbH, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swiss 4Players AG and part of the Marquard Media Group AG, consolidates more than 20 years of innovation in the German-speaking gaming industry.

The origin was shaped by the market leadership of the portal 4Players.de in the GSA region and has been complemented by the leading game server business 4Netplayers in 2001. Starting in 2017, the strategic focus was set on internationalization of the game server business as well as the development of innovative software solutions for game developers.

Since 2021, this strategy has been consistently expanded with the advancing internationalization and the completed shift away from the media business. Today, 4Players GmbH positions itself as a reliable B2B2C partner with a worldwide CDN as well as high-tech software solutions.

As of October 31, 2021, the editorial support of the online magazine 4Players.de will be discontinued. It is ensured that high-quality content will continue to be published until the aforementioned deadline.

The new era of 4Players GmbH is fully focused on the globally operating game server business 4Netplayers as well as advanced software solutions for game developers such as the communication software ODIN or the multiplayer toolset SCILL.

4Players offers an attractive range of high-tech development modules that can be seamlessly and easily integrated into existing applications and new projects. This allows game developers to save development resources and engage players in ever more social and interactive games.

Bijan Khezri, Group CEO and co-owner of Marquard Media Group AG, comments: “The business combination of game server infrastructure and software solutions for game developers allows us to take a leading position in the fast growing service market for game development in the future. This marks the completion of an important milestone of the transformation we started in 2017. Our focus now is growth.“

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