2 days, 26+ speakers, 100% fun and infinite ideas on the topics ‘player retention’ and ‘monetization’

4Players is pleased to announce that together with Indie Hub (organizer of Indie Game Fest) and KölnBusiness we will host the premiere of “Indie Campus – Cologne” on September 14 and 15, 2021!

Taking place online due to the Covid pandemic, the conference will focus primarily on monetization and player retention and how this can be aligned with game design, but will also offer numerous other topics and, of course, excellent networking opportunities for indie development teams of all sizes.

Among the 26+ speakers who will be joining the virtual fray in the packed schedule over two days of individual presentations as well as roundtable discussions are Michael Schade, CEO of Rockfish Games (Everspace 2), Fabian Bouelgue, Producer at Aerosoft GmbH, Tomas Sala (The Falconeer) as well as bestselling author, Emmy® winner and developer Don Daglow (Neverwinter Nights, Stronghold, The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers).
With this collection of experience in the games industry as well as tons of successfully published
projects, it is ensured that young developer teams have more than enough opportunity to draw
important information for themselves and their games.

Registrations for participation can be placed on the following website: www.indiecampus.de. There are no restrictions on the number of participants. To accommodate the usually notoriously tight budgets of indie teams, visitors to the Indie Campus are free to choose the entry price (starting at 1,- Euro, with limited free Early Bird tickets available).

Marc Berekoven, Head of Business Development 4Players, adds: “We are very happy to host this conference together with INDIE Hub and KölnBusiness. From the feedback on our retention and monetization tools 4Players SCILL, we see that many young developer teams already have more than enough to do to accomodate their creative ideas with game mechanics and possibly the engine. It is almost inevitable that other important points such as community building or player loyalty often fall by the wayside or are only incorporated into the development process at a very late stage – if at all. We hope that with the excellent speakers and topics, we can provide suggestions as to the
importance of these elements and how they can be integrated with as little effort as possible.”

Stefan Schmidt, Managing Director INDIE Hub UG: “For a new company, it is always something special when a fresh concept is executed. We are very grateful that with KölnBusiness and 4Players we have succeeded in getting two strong partners excited about the Indie Campus – Cologne. With this format, we want to offer a transfer of knowledge and have deliberately chosen the topics of retention & monetization for the first edition, as we have analyzed these as the main problems that indie developers face in particular when it comes to implementation. We want to start here and provide food for thought, ideas and inspiration to our attendees with a selection of top-notch speakers. We try to keep the entry-barrier as low as possible at our events. Accordingly, the Indie Campus is not only aimed at business representatives, but also at students, for example. We are glad that we could realize a very attractive pricing thanks to our partners. The entire INDIE Hub team is looking forward to the event and we wish all participants many interesting and stimulating moments at the Indie Campus – Cologne!”

Complete list of speakers:

  • Don Daglow – Author, Developer (u.a. Stormfront Studios), Emmy®-Gewinner
  • Anette Dahlstrøm Ståløy – Chief Market. Officer (Dirtybit), Co-Founder „Women in Games“ Norway
  • Astrid Gooding – Head of Events (devcom)
  • Michael Schade – CEO & Co-Founder (ROCKFISH Games GmbH)
  • Phillip Schuster – CEO (4Players GmbH)
  • Gregor Ebert – PR-Manager (Headup GmbH)
  • Dominik Lauf – Program Lead & CPO (Magenta Gaming, Deutsche Telekom)
  • Fabian Boulegue – Producer (Aerosoft GmbH)
  • Thomas Gueridon – Co-Founder & CEO (Playthora)
  • Martine Spaans – Founder (Tamalaki.com), Angel Investor (Midgame Fund)
  • Seren Besorak – Co-Founder & CEO (TriTri Games)
  • Mathias Richter – Associate Director Digital & Strategy (StroyMachine GmbH)
  • JP van Seventer – Managing Director (Dutch Game Garden)
  • Tobias Edl – Head of New Business Relations (Whow Games GmbH)
  • Ahmed Hisham Hendy – Game Designer
  • Martyna Neumann-Baranowska – Senior Marketing Manager (Sheepyard)
  • René Otto – Attorney at law (Van Iersel Luchtman)
  • Matthijs Van De Laar – Creative Director (Twirlbound)
  • Tomas Sala – Solo Game Developer (The Falconeer)
  • Sven Paulsen – Head of Voice & Streaming Technologies (4Players GmbH)
  • Jay Shin – Director (Arrogant Pixel Ltd)
  • Christopher Wulf – Business Development Consultant
  • David Jimenez – Co-Founder und Lead Designer (2Awesome Studio)
  • Marvin Eschenauer – Head of Business & Growth (Bytro)
  • Sven Siemen – CEO (WASD Media GmbH), Founder (Brettballett)
  • Richard Rampas – Community Manager (Volcanoids)

More information about the Indie Campus – Cologne Retention & Monetization Summit can be found
here: https://indiecampus.de/

Registration: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/indie-campus-cologne-powered-by-4players-tickets-165539708725