The high-tech toolset 4Players SCILL reached ist first major milestone, welcoming its 500th user.
500 projects, in which SCILL can help developers save valuable ressources like time and money with its helpful engagement and retention tools, e.g. easy-to-integrate leaderboards or challenges.

To celebrate this, a special offer has been put together for future or previously hesitant SCILL prospects, available for a short time only and aimed primarily at developers of small and medium projects with no more than 5,000 active users per month. For 59€/year there is unlimited access to all SCILL features, so that all advantages like the creation of challenges, leaderboards, achievements as well as Battle Passes can be used and tried without limitation.
More info on that offer can be found here.

Phillip Schuster, CEO of 4Players GmbH: “We are very happy to welcome the 500th developer who wants to integrate SCILL into his project. This confirms that we are absolutely on the right track with our product.
We would like to thank the teams that have relied on SCILL up to this point and are incorporating it into their games for their trust and are very excited to see how SCILL will be used in the final products. To make access to the tools even more straightforward and easier to get started, we’ve lifted some quantitative limitations with a limited time special offer and released new versions of the SDKs for Unity as well as Unreal.
And this is just the beginning: we’ve already gathered extensive feedback to optimize SCILL, further adapt it to user’s needs and add more elements to the toolset.