Boost interaction, impressions, ad views and registrations

SCILL helps you to increase page and ad impressions, retain visitors longer and convert them into loyal readers. The key to success is called Gamification! 

Humans have an innate need to learn, improve their skills and compete with others. SCILL Gamification helps you to address these needs, increasing motivation, interaction, retention and  monetization of your content and users – in a playful way!

The extra power-layer for your website

SCILL can be integrated seamlessly into your website, without the need of sensitive data.

Backend: Integrate the SCILL SDK, define event triggers to fit your requirements and goals.

Frontend: Decide where and how you want to integrate gamification in your website. SCILL offers easy to integrate web components to get started. Copy & Paste the code and tweak the appearance to fit your brand.

Ready, Stead, Challenge!

Create challenges like “Login every day for 7 days”, use them independently or as a part of task-system like a Battle Pass and reward your users with XP, coins, badges or whatever comes to your mind. Or even create user leaderboards to rank them by XP, to make sure they are incentivized to make purchases, use your content and interact with your app or website. 

Here are some challenge examples:

  • Login in
  • Upload a profile picture
  • Make a purchase
  • Become a premium member
  • Come back 3 times a week
  • Participate in use survey
  • Leave a comment
  • Rate a product
  • Newsletter subscription
  • Find an item / picture
  • Read 10 news

Possibilities are endless and can be as unique as your content. With SCILL you finally can setup user events and engaging content in minutes – no worries if you forgot your company anniversary, Black Friday deals or other occasions you want to celebrate with.

To find out more about website gamification with SCILL, check out our product website.

Start challenge your users and engage with them in a fun way – fast and easy!