What is 4Players SCILL? And how can we help you to save development resources and thus money?

In a nutshell: 4Players SCILL is a high-tech cloud-based toolset focusing mainly on tracking game-events in realtime and utilizing the gathered data, developed by 4Players, a German company with more than 20 years of experience in the gaming service industry.

With its open structure, native Unreal as well as Unity support and easy implementation, SCILL can be added to existing/published projects as well as to titles currently in development. One of the many practical utilizations is cross-game achievements, e.g. if you want to reward gamers for playing multiple of your titles you could setup a limited „one-time-only“ event when they start your game for the very first time and thus can see whenever your user plays more of your games. Then you could reward them for their loyalty with special items, in-game-currency or whatever you fancy.

But what if you work on your first game or have no inclination to entice players to buy more of your games (why not, by the way)? In that case, SCILL can help you with retention and churn rates, support you in monetizing your existing content, set up and maintain leaderboards, daily and weekly challenges or even help you build full-flegded Battle Passes.
The only thing you have to worry about is the content and the mechanics – the stuff you already have on your plate and which is undoubtedly the backbone of your creative vision. And while you are probably (certainly?) aware, that eventually there will come a point when your players start losing interest in the game, SCILL can help you keep them entertained for longer.

The Admin Panel is the heart of your pathway to easy engagement and retention tools.

4Players SCILL is not a magic potion

For example, by defining events and tracking them in real-time you can easily set up Tutorial challenges and reward the players according to their progress. SCILL processes data, manages state and provides webhooks for server-side processing and in-game notifications to update UI when required. Or in multiplayer games, let’s say shooters, you could leverage this for example, to give players a feel for each weapon before you let them hunt each other.
And speaking of which, if you want to reward players not only for a certain amount of frags but also for criticals, headshots, kills with [insert weapon name here] and don’t want to spend time to develop the tools for this yourself, but rather to finetune the shooter dynamics, SCILL will come in very handy. Especially when you have a set of (ideally changing) rewards, like skins, experience points, more exclusive weaponry etc. in mind already – of course depending on your game. Because SCILL doesn’t take your creative freedom away, but enhances it by giving you more options to deliver great content to your gamers.

Be advised: SCILL will definitely not be able to make your game prettier, help you rake in awards or give your fighting systems, driving physics or collision queries the extra edge. But our serverside and of course GDPR-compliant tracking of events can help you in a lot of other ways.

In racing games you could be tracking and rewarding your players for collisions (or the lack thereof!), certain laptimes etc. For Jump&Runs you could also track and reward speedruns, number of jumps and much more.
And if you have a partygame in mind, even there we can help you help the gamers get more out of your title by enticing them to perform certain actions by teasing them and offering rewards for reaching the tracked goals. A simple „smash them out of the arena“ can be enhanced to become a task in itself, like „smash them out of the arena with a powered up attack countering their standard attack“.
Think of it as an achievement system that can go straight into the microcosm of your gamedesign – the limit is only set by the mechanics of your game and events that can be attached to that.

Get more out of your creative vision

No matter what kind of game you are developing: SCILL’s event tracking system will help you leverage your already existing content so your players get more out of your game. In the next blogs we will showcase some of the possibilities catered to specific genres, tell you how you can manage and operate leaderboards. And if you are developing a roleplaying game: Utilize our structured challenges system (aka Battle Passes) to power a quest system in your game. You just focus on your content – we will take care of the rest.

As a cloud-based offering and with our Admin Panel in place, you are free to add or change challenges, leaderboards and battle pass (quests) in real-time anytime without the need to update your code or to deploy a new version of your game.

And did we mention already that 4Players can offer you worldwide hosting, communication and CDN solutions as well that go hand in hand with the SCILL tools? No? That’s probably because we don’t want to keep you too long from your heart’s work, since we could talk about SCILL for hours.

We will tell you more in the coming weeks with the next parts of our blog series including some deeper insights in the dev integration – until then feel free to sign up to SCILL free-of-charge, browse through our extensive SCILL documentation, contact us and other dev-teams on Discord and start enhancing your game with our tools.

See you around!