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4Players GmbH, a 100% subsidiary of the Swiss 4Players AG and part of the Marquard Media Group AG, consolidates more than 20 years of innovation in the German gaming industry.

The origin was shaped by the market leadership of the portal 4Players.de in the GSA region and complemented by the leading game server business 4Netplayers in the early 2000s. Since 2017, the strategic focus shifted to the internationalization of the game server business as well as the development of innovative software solutions for game developers.

Since 2021, this strategy has been consistently pursued with the advancing internationalization and the completed shift away from the media business. Today, 4Players GmbH positions itself as a reliable B2B2C partner with global CDN as well as high-tech software solutions.

Our Story

Leading Gaming ServiceS for over 20 years


4Players.de is acquired Funke Mediengruppe (FUNKE)

With the sale of 4Players.de to FUNKE the shift away from the media business is completed. 4Players GmbH focuses on its core mission: Empowering gamers and developers with world-class, globally available game server, 3D voice chat as well as engagement solutions.


Launch – 4Players ODIN

The demand for simple, yet powerful communication tools is not satisfied – and so we created Odin, our voice and video chat for games, apps and websites.


Launch – 4Players SCILL

SCILL was launched as an engagement and competition app, but grew to become the essential multiplayer toolset, enabling developers to significantly and sustainably improve retention as well as revenue of games, apps and websites of any size or genre.


Reshaping the Business

With years of experience, 4Players starts to reposition its core business as a leading high-tech gaming company.


Internationalization 4Netplayers

Being one of the leading European server providers, it is time to conquer the global market. Thousands of international servers with just one click.


Relocation to Hamburg

From the beautiful Munich, to the lovely heart of the north and #1 gaming hub – Hamburg.


Launch – 4Netplayers

The birth of our leading game server hosting service. Now we are one of the main provider of Minecraft, ARK, Farm Sim and other game servers world wide.

August 2000

Launch – 4Players.de

4Players.de launched and started changing the view on emotional games journalism.



4Players was founded as a subsidiary of freenet AG. The journey began.



4Players Scill

SCILL, our fully customizable and powerful cloud-based toolkit enables you to create and leverage challenges, leaderboards and Battle Passes in any game, app and website.

With native support for Unity as well as Unreal, SCILL is integrated in no time, new content can be created by any team member and displayed in-game in real-time – no further development required.

SCILL is cross-platform compatible, fully GDPR compliant, user-agnostic and supports you with pre-defined events, while keeping you in control of your front-end and the creative vision.

4Players Odin


As gamers ourselves, we know that real-time communication is essential for a fun, immersive gaming experience. This is why we create powerful tools for integrated voice & video chat that make games more immersive, social and interactive.

4Players provides a complete, out-of-the-box solution that has been designed and built from the ground up for gamers, developers and publishers: cross-platform, flexible and feature rich.

Shorten your time-to-market by using our best-in-class technology to deliver seamless in-game communication and improve your retention.


For 20 years, 4Netplayers has been one of the game server hosting pioneers, offering worldwide location with state of the art technology coupled and a user-friendly web interface. A dedicated in-house support team takes care of the many thousands of customers and ensures daily operations. Many peerings to the big networks and an own DDoS solution secure the operation and ensure an always excellent ping to the servers. 4Netplayers offer customized solutions like video and content delivery.


Wenn Business und Bildung Hand in Hand gehen – Ein Workshop zur EinfĂĽhrung ins Multiplayer Gaming mit dem Voicechat der nächsten Generation beim FAL-Berufskolleg zusammen mit der 4Players GmbH

Wenn Business und Bildung Hand in Hand gehen – Ein Workshop zur EinfĂĽhrung ins Multiplayer Gaming mit dem Voicechat der nächsten Generation beim FAL-Berufskolleg zusammen mit der 4Players GmbH

Um den angehenden SpieleentwicklerInnen und MediendesignerInnen des FAL Berufskolleg eine neue Ansicht auf den Entwicklungsalltag von Spieleentwicklern zu geben, taten sich die Lehrenden Anja Schönfeld und Oliver Schönfeld vom FAL Berufskolleg mit der 4Players GmbH zusammen, um einen “hands-on”...

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Success Story

Crystal Chasers League

Crystal Chasers League is a “Fun Racer” made by FLIPSTAR. It uses the power from 4Players SCILL by integrating Challenges and Achievements with the help of our SCILL Unity SDK.

The developers from Flipstar say:
We are glad to have picked SCILL to add Challenges and Achievements in our game – it allowed us to integrate a feature that requires backend work without needing to code it, saving us a lot of time.”

Integrate Challenges

Crystal Chasers League defines goals to accomplish and shows them to its players. This creates an extra layer of competition besides winning the game against other players or bots.

Integrate Achievements

In the 4Players SCILL Admin Panel they created also a different type of challenge. When players accomplish certain goals the very first time, they get awarded by an achievement.

Track in real-time

All events are processed in real-time on the backend of 4Players SCILL. The game client uses the SCILL Unity SDK to subscribe to real-time updates in the background. When receiving new data the game shows it directly on screen. Immediate rewards increase the feeling of accomplishment!

Reward players with XP

Each finished challenge and achievement rewards the player with experience points (XP) which let the player unlock additional content in the game when reaching a new level.

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